Top-Quality Educational Experiences

BFREE provides top-quality educational experiences. With a location second to none, unhindered Nature--in its most creative expression--is our back yard. BFREE is the gateway to the educational experience of a lifetime.

The bush...An intricate trail network will carry you to diverse wetland, lowland and montane rainforest, and riverine habitats for full enjoyment of the beauty and biological diversity of the area. With the Bladen Nature Reserve a mere quarter mile walk from the BFREE base camp, students can find themselves in towering old growth forest in no time. Pristine forest surrounds BFREE on all sides.

The garden...At the heart of the BFREE field camp is the 1.5 acre tropical organic garden and orchard, the centerpiece of a plan that integrates growing spaces and living spaces within the surrounding forest ecosystem. A full-time horticulturalist started the garden working with interns from the BFREE internship program. Fresh organic produce from the garden is delivered quicklyby way of BFREE's gourmet cook to your mouth.

The good life...Living in a remote jungle setting is extremely rewarding. Simple pleasures is a guiding theme to daily life at BFREE--whether taking a cool morning swim in the crystal clear Bladen River or encountering a highway of industrious leaf cutter ants on your way to supper. Students can sleep in thatched-roof tent platforms or the newly constructed bunkhouse. At dawn, the roar of local howler monkey troops calling at each other is a fine alarm clock indeed! Every day is truly an adventure at BFREE.

Your guides

Student groups will be guided by a professional full time staff whose job it is to keep you safe and healthy in this new and exciting environment. BFREE staff have been involved in experiential education programs in Belize for nearly a decade and know how to keep you safe and happy. Orientations, natural history walks, and specialized lectures in geology, birds, permaculture, herpetology, and ancient Maya history (to name a few) are offered by in-house staff. On-site researchers are also often present to give lectures in their respective areas of expertise.

Go for it

Design your own field course or participate in BFREE's own Tropical Watershed Ecology Course following the Monkey River from mist-shrouded mountains to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. "Homestay" experiences in local Maya and Creole villages can also be arranged by BFREE. Field courses run from 10 days to 3 months--the longer the course, the richer the experience.