Internships to Self-Motivated Individuals

BFREE offers internships to self-motivated individuals with strong interests in conservation and sustainable living. We encourage personal growth, freedom, and self-fulfillment. Internships are designed on a person by person basis keeping the interests of both the organization and the individual in mind.


Interns have played a crucial role in the establishment and development of BFREE. Interns generally participate in a variety of ongoing projects at BFREE for a well-rounded educational experience. Potential projects include:


Field research assistance

Educational program development

Trail maintenance and expansion

Community workshops

Light construction

Conducting tours

Documenting wildlife

What to Expect

Life as a BFREE intern can be extremely rewarding--for the right individuals.

Do you enjoy living in remote locations?

Are you capable of strenuous exercise?

Do you like living in a tent?

Are you self-sufficient and self-directed?

Can you work well in team situations and alone?

Are you enthusiastic and easy-going?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions then you are probably a good candidate. Rainforest living can be very challenging, but it is also very rewarding!


Special rates for interns are U.S.$20 per day including room and board. Transportation to site not included.

Contact Us!

Prospective interns are asked to mail or e-mail a letter of introduction and a résumé. Please state what you'd like to get out of the internship and how long you'd like to stay.