Support and Facilitation of Scientific

An integral part of BFREE's mission is the support and facilitation of scientific research in the Maya Mountains, particularly the Bladen Nature Reserve. BFREE spans 1153 acres situated amidst four national protected areas--a location that offers access to large expanses of tropical wet forest. From the comfort of the BFREE field camp researchers are within minutes of numerous diverse habitat types--mature and disturbed floodplain forest, calcareous and volcanic plant communities, tropical pine savanna, thicket, wetlands, and the Bladen River. BFREE's newly established presence in the vast forested matrix of the Maya Mountains spells unparalleled research opportunity.

BFREE has spearheaded amphibian research and monitoring in the Maya Mountains as a participant in the Maya Forest Anuran Monitoring Project. The project relies on resident biologists to conduct frog vocalization surveys at multiple aquatic habitats during the wet season.

The project recently expanded with support from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force, allowing investigation of terrestrially-oriented and non-vocalizing species (such as frogs of the genus Eleutherodactylus and Plethodontid salamanders). New methods are also being tested and validated.

The data collected at BFREE is particularly relevant and useful in light of recent global concern over amphibian population declines in supposedly undisturbed environments. The wild character of its environs and its high amphibian diversity (21 species in eight families) makes BFREE an ideal site for long-term amphibian monitoring.

Weather Monitoring at BFREE

Standardized weather observations have been recorded consistently at BFREE since January 1997. Daily observations include minimum and maximum temperature and precipitation amount. Seasonal fluctuation in precipitation is dramatic, with the wet season occurring during the latter half of the year. On average, BFREE receives 2500 mm of rain per year and ¾ falls between June and October. Temperatures are more stable throughout the year. However, a warmer period in April and May precedes the wet season, while temperatures are lowest in December and January.

Weather data are available for download by year in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. BFREE also shares its weather data with the National Meteorological Service of Belize.

A number of other projects have been based out of the BFREE facility including bird studies by the Smithsonian Institute, dissertation studies of forest communities (Brewer and Rejmanek 1999; Brewer in press; Brewer and Webb in press), and studies of riverine habitat and biota (Esselman in prep.).

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