the unifying agent of every wet tropical landscape. With more than 3 meters of rain falling on Southern Belize annually, rivers carry vast quantities of water connecting the land to the sea. In the BFREE Watershed Ecology Program, the river is our pathway through diverse Belize landscape. Trained field ecologists will guide your group from the Maya Mountains to the mangrove-lined river mouth, to the Belize barrier reef, studying natural and human history along the way.

The goals

The goals of our programs are:

1. To teach students about tropical ecology. Students will learn how different aspects of landscapes (geology, climate, hydrology, soils, forests, and fauna) interact to comprise a tropical ecosystem.

2. To encourage students to evaluate the role humans play in ecosystems. Banana plantations, aquaculture ponds, etc. will be visited to give students a first-hand perspective on development in Belize.

3. To expose students to new cultural environments. Students have the opportunity to live in local villages, including Maya subsistence farming villages and a Creole fishing village.

Combined, these three goals leave students with a complete example of how tropical human cultural systems and natural ecosystems function and interact. Learn it by living it is the BFREE educational philosophy.


Field courses run from 2 to 15 weeks depending on the amount of detail desired by the educational institution. The longer the course, the richer the experience.

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